Frannie’s Getting Married!

So after college, my friend Kate got married and I was a bridesmaid…along with several other girls, including her sister Fran. We love to call her Frannie, though, because it fits. (And sometimes annoys her.)

Frannie met Tim and her whole life plan changed. Gone were the thoughts of staying single forever. Tim and Fran fell in love and we couldn’t be happier.

Especially me! Because Frannie asked me to be her officiant! Oh, how I enjoyed joining Kate with our silly, singsong chant: “Frannie’s getting married, Frannie’s getting married…”

And indeed, Frannie got married in a simple, beautiful ceremony held at the clubhouse in her parent’s neighborhood on March 30th, 2019. And this time, neither of us was the bridesmaid. ❤

Congratulations Frannie and Tim!


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