I’ll Try

FB_IMG_1541201309491Jess and Danny have such a great relationship. They are both smart, funny, quirky, and love to laugh. Jess has two children from a previous marriage. Danny came into their lives and loves them all in such an amazing way.

When they asked me to marry them, of course I said yes! I love having a chance to marry folks who are also my friends. And I wanted to include the kids, which was perfect for Jess and Danny.

Me: Angie, Jay, will you promise to care for everybody in this family? That means being patient and kind, even when you may not feel like it.

Angie: (quietly nods.)

Jay: Do I have to?

Me: yes.

Jay: I’ll try.

And there you have it, folks. Sometimes “I’ll try” is the most honest and appropriate answer 🙂

Jess and Danny, I’m honored to pronounce you as husband and wife. And call you our friends!