Have questions about the getting a marriage license?  Here is the information you’ll need for obtaining your license in Wake County.

Will you officiate non-religious ceremonies?

Yes. I believe that your ceremony is your choice.  Although I am a practicing Protestant, I can assist you with a non-religious or interfaith ceremony.

Will you perform ceremonies outside?

Absolutely!  I’m willing to perform your ceremony in the location of your choice.  (Okay, I do have some limitations…especially regarding heights!) Let’s discuss your plans and go from there.

Are you available for last minute weddings?

I might be!  You are more than welcome to contact me and ask.  If I can help, I will!

What do you typically wear during the ceremony?

Good question!  I typically wear a black robe and a white stole when I officiate weddings.  However, I will make changes (within reason!) to meet your expectations.  Let’s talk about what you would like and make necessary accommodations.

Do you have more questions?  Please contact me!

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