I’ll Try

FB_IMG_1541201309491Jess and Danny have such a great relationship. They are both smart, funny, quirky, and love to laugh. Jess has two children from a previous marriage. Danny came into their lives and loves them all in such an amazing way.

When they asked me to marry them, of course I said yes! I love having a chance to marry folks who are also my friends. And I wanted to include the kids, which was perfect for Jess and Danny.

Me: Angie, Jay, will you promise to care for everybody in this family? That means being patient and kind, even when you may not feel like it.

Angie: (quietly nods.)

Jay: Do I have to?

Me: yes.

Jay: I’ll try.

And there you have it, folks. Sometimes “I’ll try” is the most honest and appropriate answer ūüôā

Jess and Danny, I’m honored to pronounce you as husband and wife. And call you our friends!

Friday the 13th

For some, this may be a date to avoid.  Especially when it comes to a wedding.  But for Michelle and Griffin, it was perfect.

These two people changed my life.  We met for coffee one evening and spent a long time talking.  When I left, I really hoped they would ask me to be their officiant Рand thankfully they asked me that same night.  We worked together to come up with a perfect ceremony for their intimate wedding at All Saints Chapel in downtown Raleigh.  I wish I could put into words how special this couple is to me.  Their families embraced me, and I became much more than just their officiant.  This is why I love what I do.  Thank you Michelle and Griffin.  It was wonderful to be the one to pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Griffin Griffin.  Much love!

m and g

Michelle and GriffinGriffin0185Griffin0266


Rainy Day? No Worries!

We all know the weather can be unpredictable.¬† Especially in the south. In October.¬† So when the rain began to fall, we weren’t surprised.¬† Nor were we surprised when it stopped just as quickly, which gave us a hot minute to get folks outside and into place for this gorgeous ceremony!

Lauren and Josh were married in October of 2017 at Simply Divine Bed and Breakfast in Dunn, NC.  The beautiful house provided a perfect backdrop for their ceremony which incorporated religious and spiritual components, as well as a time to formally acknowledge their fabulous kids.

Lauren and Josh, you two are wonderful!  Thanks for allowing me to be your officiant, and for all the laughter!

An NC State graduate loves Chapel Hill?

Okay, I love the Chapel Hill Carriage House.

And I love how beautiful Kelly looked as she walked down the aisle to her handsome groom James, who waited with tears in his eyes until she was by his side.

The weather was perfect.  The venue was amazing.  The decorations were gorgeous.  And two became one, surrounded by goats, chickens, family, and friends.

Thank you, Kelly and James, for letting me be a part of your wonderful day!


Cowboy Boots and Brandy

There is a first for every officiant. ¬†I typically like these “firsts” because they bring something new and unique to my ceremonies. ¬†But including a horse in the vows?

Well, it happened.  And it was fantastic.

Christa and Eric met and fell in love pretty quickly. ¬†She loves horses, particularly her own horse Brandy. ¬†Eric created a beautiful engagement scenario which included both Christa’s daughter and horse. ¬†Christa’s daughter was her maid of honor. ¬†But since the horse couldn’t come to the wedding, Eric made sure that Christa knew he was taking them both into his life.

“I Eric, take you Christa and Brandy, to be my wife and horse.”

The beautiful country themed ceremony was at Circa ’34, complete with cowboy boots, bales of hay, and a minister wearing a blue jean skirt.

Christa and Eric, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day!

(Top photos courtesy of Kate Moynihan Photography, others are my photos.)

At Last

Amy and David had been together for 14 years. They had discussed marriage, but it never happened.  And then, on her birthday this year, he surprised her with a ring and proposed.  He said he knew she wanted to be married, and he wanted to make her happy.  Forever.

So after 14 years together, David and I waited for Amy and her niece to meet us at the altar as Etta James serenaded us with “At Last”.

It was perfect.  And I think we all cried a little.

Congratulations, Amy and David! ¬†May your “at last” also be your “happily ever after”.