Cowboy Boots and Brandy

There is a first for every officiant.  I typically like these “firsts” because they bring something new and unique to my ceremonies.  But including a horse in the vows?

Well, it happened.  And it was fantastic.

Christa and Eric met and fell in love pretty quickly.  She loves horses, particularly her own horse Brandy.  Eric created a beautiful engagement scenario which included both Christa’s daughter and horse.  Christa’s daughter was her maid of honor.  But since the horse couldn’t come to the wedding, Eric made sure that Christa knew he was taking them both into his life.

“I Eric, take you Christa and Brandy, to be my wife and horse.”

The beautiful country themed ceremony was at Circa ’34, complete with cowboy boots, bales of hay, and a minister wearing a blue jean skirt.

Christa and Eric, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day!

(Top photos courtesy of Kate Moynihan Photography, others are my photos.)

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