Six Years

Six years ago today I became a wife.  Matt and I were engaged to be married and things in our timeline moved quicker than we thought and we called our minister and asked if he would go ahead and marry us that night.  (Okay, full story: he and his wife are family friends and we had supper with them and with my parents at Chick-fil-A earlier that night and joked about him filling out the marriage license we had gotten that day.)  He agreed, so we went to his house, called a neighbor to come over as a witness, and said our vows.  We signed the paperwork on the ironing board where his wife had been finishing laundry and called it official.  Six years ago tonight.

So as I sit here reminiscing, I am even more grateful that I began StephanieShafferCeremonies and can be a part of wedding stories for other couples.  I’m booking more wedding ceremonies and am so thankful for those who have invited me to be a part of their celebrations.  Thanks for your confidence in me, for your referrals, and for your support.

Here’s to six fabulous years and countless more to come!


Our first selfie at an NCSU football game 🙂

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