Friends and Weddings

There is a certain joy in being the minister when your friends get married.  Last weekend I was the officiant for my sweet friend Theresa and her husband Steve.  She and I worked together for many years and have kept in touch since she moved away.  And being part of her wedding was incredible.

First, her family!  Oh my goodness, what a joy!  Her mother is Italian and the family poured in from across the states.  I fell in love with them immediately and enjoyed every minute with them.

Second, the food!  When Italians gather, they eat.  And eat.  And even the non-Italians joined in for the food and fellowship.  This is how weddings should be, friends!  We gathered at least twice a day throughout the weekend to eat and drink and talk and laugh.

And lastly, the love!  I can’t even put it into words, so I’ll share some pictures here.  My friend Libby McGowan was the photographer, and she’s good…check her out here.  Congratulations, Theresa and Steve!

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